Dear happy people from Vestas

It was a true pleasure meeting you on Thursday, May 23rd. I love the topics of happiness and change and how to deal with it. Thank you for your engagement!

Remember: Change does not come from a two-year plan, but from the acts you preform today and tomorrow.

Download the presentation

If you want the presentation I used, you can download my Happy at work presentation.

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“Målrettet Mandag” is my weekly, danish newsletter, helping people increase their focus and happiness. Each week you get a new tip or tool, and you get the first one by signing up here :o) You can also read more about it here.

Listen to The HappyWays Podcast

The podcast launched late January 2016 and there is now more than 30 episodes out. I do encourage you to get episode 07 “Why I hate email”, people tell me they love it. Go here for a full list of episodes and subscribe options. You can also use these buttons to subscribe directly on your smartphone, via iTunes (for Apple devices) or Stitcher (on Android):

podcast om ledelse, arbejdsglæde og personlig udvikling

podcast om personlig udvikling, ledelse og arbejsglæde

For the danish crowd, there is also the new RevolutJon! podcast.

Free eBook on happiness at work

If you want more tools you can get the eBook The Happy Dozen with 12 bonus chapters by signing up in the popup box on this page (danish), or visiting this page here (english).

Video on happiness at work

My own TEDx talk from London is on YouTube:


Now, go make your workday a happy one

Have a fantastic day!

/Jon Kjær Nielsen :o)

Speaker, Author, M.Sc.