Dear happy people at Sanofi

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day on June 20, in Hørsholm. It was a pleasure experiencing all the things you’ve done, and talking about the next steps.

This page contains my slides, written Tips&Tricks and videos to help you create even more happiness in your day, and in the days of others.

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Tips and exercises

A seminar is one thing – creating change is something more. That’s why I have collected some of the simple-to-do but effective tools from my seminars, leaving you no excuse not to get started :o)

Connect with a fine “Good Morning”

You remember us practicing how to create good relationsships from the morning forward. It’s all about:

  • Getting eye contact
  • Saying Good Morning!
  • Adding something extra, a friendly comment or question
  • Adding a touch

Praise and recognition

Being recognized for what we do well is a basic human need, and a source of inner motivation and happiness. There a many ways of getting at it:

  • Express it face to face. Be specific, and leave out any suggestions for improvement at this time.
  • Write it down. In an email, on a note, or maybe on the card that comes with the flowers.
  • Spread the word. Tell everyone in a meeting, in an email to the entire team, or pop into every office with a positive story about a fellow team-mate.
  • Give ’em a High Five, and say “Well Done!!”. It’s quick, easy, visible, efective and fun :o)

Most important: Be yourself, no matter what you do. But do something.

Talk about more that just the job

Leaders and co-workers alike have a need to know each other well, as human beings, not just human doings. That’s why I recommend the simple measure of taking time to talk about “all the other stuff”, at lunch or at random times during the day. Make it a priority to have at least one small conversation each day that is not work-related. Also on busy days. Especially on busy days.

Be happy, and let it show

How does professional look like? Many would say intense, with a straight, serious face, at times bordering on upset. Nonsense!  There is nothing wrong with being really happy at work, smiling and taking the job, deadlines etc. seriously.  And since you actually do far better at work when you are happy, it also makes a whole lot of sense. Practice it, maybe even in front of the mirror  :o)

Celebrate your successes

When you or your team succeed, do you then celebrate or quickly move on the the next bit? Make a habit of celebrating milestones conquered, results achieved and problems overcome. It can be grand, with dinner and champagne, or it can be light and simple: Gather everyone in a circle, applaud one another and give specific praise to the heroes of the day. You cannot pospone without a loss of effect, so do it now.

Focus on the positive

All of us are prone to what psychologists call Negativity Bias. We spot the mistakes easily enough, and tend to remember bad experiences more readily than the goo ones. The way out is actively focusing on the bright side. Ask yourself, before you leave work:

What were the good things today?

Be specific about it, and find at least three things. Brain researchers have documented that writing stuff down makes them appear more true to us, so jot these down every day – it will change your outlook and the mood you bring home with you.

Random Acts of Kindness

You can really do something for the people around you be surprising them in a good way. It doesn’t have to be someting grand – a cup of coffee at the right time, a door held open or an offer for help in a tight spot, all can save the day. Positive surprises trigger the release of dopamine, and we like that – it helps make us happy.

Videos on happiness at work

My own TEDx talk from London:

My latest and perhaps best video (danish) where I explain why we act so certain (and stupid) in situation where we actually don’t know anything at all. I call it “Hvorfor chefer er uduelige og du ikke ved noget om vin”:

Mit short TEDx talk from London, where I share with the world how danes are the happiness people at work.

Stress from too little work – empty labour (again, danish):

Now, go make your workday a happy one!
Have a fantastic day!

/Jon Kjær Nielsen :o)

Speaker, Consultant, M.Sc.